Over the hedge

Why's that lock placed so high on the door? A reader explains.

When our son Steven was 3, he learned how to unlock the front door.

He just went over to the door one day, unlocked it, and walked outside. My husband and I were watching him, so he didn't get far.

Time after time, Steven walked to the door, unlocked it, and walked out while we watched and marveled at this new skill.

But I was afraid that he would get hurt, so I had a locksmith install a deadbolt lock – which I felt sure he wouldn't be able to manipulate – much higher on the door than Steven could reach.

One day, my older son, Jeff, then 8, was letting a friend out of the house. Jeff had to stand on his tiptoes to open the top lock.

"Boy," I heard his friend say, "your mom must really be afraid of people breaking in!"

"No," my son replied, "she's afraid of someone breaking out!"

Felice Prager

Scottsdale, Ariz.

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