What are you watching? Readers recommend 'The Muppet Christmas Carol,' 'Dr. Strangelove'

Monitor TV and movie fans share what they've been watching lately.

I recently watched Seymour: An Introduction, which is a documentary film directed by actor Ethan Hawke. I found this film to be captivating, authentic, and charming. Seymour Bernstein is a retired concert pianist and piano teacher for very advanced students. 

Hawke and Bernstein take us on a journey that is revealing; themes include classical piano music, stage fright, solitude, life, and the connection between life and music. This is a thought-provoking look at classical music and the impact it has had on the inner journey of Bernstein, who is a mature, insightful artist.

– Betsy Green, Chicago

For a favorite holiday movie, I absolutely adore The Muppet Christmas Carol! I love the message of the movie. It isn’t simply about being nice and giving presents once a year. There is a very large focus on spreading joy and love, so much so that they devote multiple songs just to that concept. I try to watch the movie every year, or at least listen to the song “It Feels Like Christmas.” And the Ghost of Christmas Present sings.

– Miyoko Dunn, Columbia, S.C.

For movies that I love to watch over and over, the sentimental choice is The Sound of Music. Artistically, my choice would be the film Baraka. Dr. Strangelove is a classic. I also enjoy any 1930s screwball comedy film. – Robin Bartholet, New York 

A movie that I find myself watching over and over is Sixteen Candles. It’s one of the best teenage movies ever. Actress Molly Ringwald is superb. Gotta love those grandparents, too!

Another movie I watch over and over again is Saving Private Ryan.  This is how director Steven Spielberg does a war movie (this, and the amazing “Schindler’s List”).  Tom Hanks is great, of course, but what makes this one amazing is the gut-punching violent reality of the combat scenes. 

This is not your sanitized John Wayne World War II movie.

– Tom Kuekes, Bakersfield, Calif.

Sonja Flemming/CBS
'Young Sheldon'

I have been watching Young Sheldon, which airs on CBS. It’s a spinoff of “The Big Bang Theory,” but with a very different, tender, tone. 

It’s the story of a boy genius and his family. Wallace Shawn is delightful as the professor whose class Sheldon audits and who dates Sheldon’s grandmother.

– Marguerite Boone, Worcester, Mass.

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