What are you watching? Readers recommend 'Solaris,' 'Chesapeake Shores'

Monitor TV and movie fans share what they've been watching lately.


Solaris is one of my favorite movies to watch and rewatch. It is a sci-fi film based on a book by Russian author Stanislaw Lem and stars George Clooney. The film is set almost entirely on a space station orbiting the planet Solaris, adding flashbacks to the previous experiences of its main characters while they were on Earth. Clooney’s character struggles with the questions of why mysterious things are happening to the people near Solaris, his beliefs and memories, and reconciling what was lost with an opportunity for a second chance. The film mainly consists of questions, both spoken and implied, that are answered with more questions, none of which are really answered, leaving one to draw his or her own conclusions. The endings are many and are what the individual viewer wants them to be.

– Karen Neff, Mystic, Conn.

My favorite sitcom is Designing Women. It is smart, funny, topical, and touching. The character of Julia Sugarbaker became my role model. – Cynthia Johnson, Grayson, Ga.

My favorite sitcom is Fawlty Towers, which aired on BBC2. It is the archetypal sitcom, and it was only 12 episodes, so it never got stale. – Steffan Waffle, Moscow

I’ve never been a fan of sitcoms, but I loved CBS’s Everybody Loves Raymond. The characters are so real and multi-faceted, and the drama, though humorous, deals with serious questions of self-worth and how it plays out in relationships. I especially loved the parents and the older brother, Robert. Even when they’re awful, you have to love them!
– Jennifer Quinn, Gate City, Va.

Chesapeake Shores on Hallmark is a marvelous rendering of a family and community we can all relate to. The characters and relationships are authentic and deeply satisfying.

– Brian Pettersen, Vernon Hills, Ill.


I am currently watching the Netflix series Ozark, which stars Jason Bateman and is now in its second season. The crime drama is set at Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri. Although the area in Georgia where the show is filmed looks nothing like the hugely popular Missouri tourist area the series portrays, it’s one of the best crime dramas available.

– W.S. Blevins, Springfield, Mo.

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