What are you watching? Readers recommend 'Veronica Mars,' 'A Place to Call Home'

Monitor TV and movie fans share what they've been watching lately.


For my favorite sitcom, it feels so “basic” to say NBC’s Friends. Arrested Development on Fox (and now Netflix) was a better show, I Love Lucy on CBS was a better show, NBC’s The Cosby Show was a better show (recent #MeToo developments notwithstanding), and yet “Friends” is the one that I can watch over and over again. It’s the one where I can pick up an episode in the middle and it feels, honest to God, like I’m hanging out with old friends. So cliché, but that’s why it’s my favorite.

– Emily Ellet, New York

Veronica Mars, which aired on UPN and then The CW, is a timeless teen detective series from the mid-2000s. The character development and relationships are very strong. Several years after the series ended, the producers created a movie, which involved many of the characters attending the 10th high school reunion. It was crowdfunded by the fan base. When we went to go see it, we found the movie theater audience was abuzz with anticipation. It was full of folks who had seen the series many times.

Also, we discovered A Place to Call Home, which airs on Showcase in Australia and on Acorn TV in the United States, from the Monitor’s “What are you watching?” section.

– Christopher Bowers, Victoria, British Columbia

It’s so hard to choose a favorite sitcom. There have been so many great shows through the years. But I guess it has to be (drumroll, please) Will and Grace, which aired on NBC. It’s followed closely by NBC’s Frasier, NBC’s Golden Girls, CBS’s I Love Lucy, and CBS’s The Big Bang Theory.

– Cindy A. Hogan, Princeton, N.J.


My husband and I always watch Fox’s The Simpsons and Bob’s Burgers together on Sunday nights. We also watch NBC’s Saturday Night Live together, usually recorded. – Marguerite Boone, Worcester, Mass.

My favorite sitcom is CBS’s Everybody Loves Raymond. Doing well-written family-friendly comedy is difficult, but they succeeded. – Tasneem Choudhury, Sydney, Australia

My favorite sitcom is NBC’s NewsRadio because of its intelligent political humor and pratfalls, though the network’s The Powers That Be is a very close second.

– Sharon Guerra, Longview, Wash.

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