What are you watching? Readers recommend 'Star Trek: Deep Space Nine,' 'Antiques Roadshow'

Monitor TV and movie fans share what they've been watching lately.

There are so many terrific sitcoms, but if I had to pick one, it’d be NBC’s Friends. There are some episodes that make me laugh till I cry, even after seeing them several times. 

The scene with Ross (David Schwimmer) trying to get his leather pants pulled back up in his date’s bathroom, with Joey (Matt LeBlanc) “helping” over the phone, still kills me. 

And I love the example of the characters’ friendships lasting through arguments and rough patches.

– Becky Nelson Everson, San Jose, Calif.

I recently watched the movie So B. It. It is based on a children’s novel by Sarah Weeks and has some very good actors playing interesting roles. 

Heidi (played by an excellent young actress, Talitha Bateman) is living with her mentally disabled mother and is given support by a neighbor, Bernie (played by Alfre Woodard). Heidi goes on a long search across the country to find out about her mother and their past. It’s very moving.

– Nick Royal, Santa Cruz, Calif.

After a hard day, I watch Countryfile on BBC and Antiques Roadshow on PBS. They’re good to do the ironing to.

– Jan Finlayson, Edinburgh, Scotland

When UPN’s Star Trek: Deep Space Nine is good, it is very, very good. 

Like life itself, its episodes range from humorous (“Little Green Men” and “Trials and Tribble-ations”) to the topical (confronting racism in “Far Beyond the Stars”) to the metaphysical. 

Anyone who considers science fiction to be nothing but whiz-bang shoot-up-the-monsters stories would do well to watch a few of these.

– Heu ‘ionalani Wyeth, Anahola, Hawaii

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