Mannings rapping: A video homage to SNL digital shorts

Mannings rapping: Peyton and Eli Manning get silly in a Direct TV ad that plugs watching football on your phone. Watch the Mannings rapping, if you dare.

Peyton Manning and Eli Manning have shown that they are willing to look silly in TV commercials.

Last year, they played a couple of "NFL cops" in a Direct TV ad. This year, they're back "rapping" in an early 90s R&B style music video that pitches F.O.Y.B. (Football On Your Phone).

Dressed in wigs and clothing appropriate to the era, the Manning Brothers (plus a brief cameo by Archie, their father) and Direct TV have created what is essentially an homage to the Adam Sandberg and the SNL digital shorts. Remember one of his most famous, the 2007 "Iran so far," a love song for President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (played by Fred Armisen), featuring Adam Levine from Maroon 5?

Some of the "classic" lines in the latest Manning Direct TV rap, include:

"It's football on your phone so now's your chance

To have football on your phone and football in your pants.

Look at this guy using his phone as a phone!

You're phone ain't for calling, you're phone is for footballing."

Enjoy the silliness.

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