'Sharknado 2': 10 of the best ideas for a sequel title

So as one might guess, the Syfy original movie 'Sharknado,' which originally aired on July 11, centered on... sharks in a tornado. The giant fish were picked up by the winds when a storm began, causing the sharks to start falling from the sky. Syfy has already announced a sequel to the film and is asking Twitter users to tweet ideas for a subtitle to the Syfy Twitter handle. The idea the network likes the best will become the tagline for the movie (for the record, the tagline for "Sharknado" was "enough said"). Here are some of the best ideas that have appeared on Twitter so far.

'Sharknado 2' will premiere in 2014. The original film starred actors including Ian Ziering (center) and Carrie Scerbo (r.).

1. The Fonz would approve

Lionel Cironneau/AP

"SharkNado II: Jumping the Shark"


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