'30 Rock': The 10 best episodes

The NBC series '30 Rock,' created by Tina Fey, airs its final installment tonight. Check out our picks for the 10 best of its episodes.

2. 'Greenzo,' season 2, episode 5


As part of General Electric's corporate scheme to make money from the "environmentalism trend," Jack (Alec Baldwin) hires an actor to play Greenzo (David Schwimmer), NBC's new environmental mascot. Greenzo becomes a hit, but as he gains popularity he starts to become more and more deeply invested in his role and criticizes everyone's poor eco-knowledge and practices. Jack fires the actor and tries to get Al Gore to be the new Greenzo.

"30 Rock" has often been lauded for its ability to utilize guest stars like no other show and Al Gore's line is a perfect example. "Quiet!" he exclaims. "A whale is in trouble! I have to go."

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