5 TV shows saved by fans

'Arrested Development' will get 10 new episodes on Netflix and a movie – here are 5 other TV shows fans brought back.

2. 'Cagney & Lacey'


The show about two female police detectives, which ended up running for eight seasons, was canceled not once but twice, first after its beginning season, during which actress Meg Foster played the character of Christine Cagney, a single woman who puts her job at top priority in her life. It was alleged that the network, CBS, was uncomfortable with the aggressive nature of the two lead characters. However, the show's executive producer, Barney Rosenzweig, successfully lured actress Sharon Gless to play Cagney instead of Foster and told CBS that the character of Cagney would be made more feminine. When the show returned for a second season, ratings didn't improve, and the show was canceled again. Rosenzweig encouraged viewers to write to the network, and the show was eventually renewed for a third season.

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