American Idol: Heejun Han evicted from the Hollywood mansion

American Idol fans saw Heejun Han voted off Thursday night. Niki Minaj performed and made a bid for JLo's American Idol chair

Michael Becker / AP Photo/FOX
Heejun Han performs on the TV singing competition series "American Idol," in Los Angeles. Han, the 22-year-old nonprofit organizer from New York, was voted off the program on Thursday, March 29.

Thursday's American Idol results show had its share of ups and downs.  With performances by both Nicki Minaj and Scotty McCreery, Idol perfectly illustrated the vast array of taste in not just music but performers. 

To say that Nicki Minaj sang her song, "Starships," would be an exaggeration.  Her performance felt more like a circus act gone wrong than a genuine display of talent.  In fact, there was very little about the singing or the singer herself for that matter, that didn't seem artificial. 

When she joked with Jennifer Lopez about making room for her on the judges' panel, JLo replied good-naturedly that there wasn't room for both of them.  Now, this blog has never been a Lopez advocate but when compared to the likes of Nicki Minaj, there's little denying that JLo possesses not only more talent but loads more integrity, beauty, and style.  Perhaps Nicki should consider a guest appearance on a show with content she can more readily relate with . . . too bad Nip/Tuck is no longer airing.

Then came Season 10 American Idol winner Scotty McCreery, whose career has exploded in the last year.  When Scotty sang his new single, "Water Tower Town," it was obvious that the 18-year-old has done a lot of growing up since he was last on the Idol stage.  A taller, leaner Scotty exuded even more confidence and delivered a strong vocal performance.  His talent and focus didn't just help him to achieve the American Idol win and a platinum selling album, it was also responsible for luring Jimmy Iovine onto the live Idol stage – no small feat. 

Moving on to the results; another area of peaks and valleys. 

The low point of the eliminations this evening was not so much who was in the Bottom Three or even who was eliminated; instead, it was who wasn't eliminated that left many feeling cheated.  The consensus of many American Idol fans is that Deandre Brackensick and the mute button are the most divine combination since peanut butter and chocolate.  But despite such strong anti-Denadre sentiment, as Jimmy Iovine pointed out, young girls love to vote for young boys.  So it would seem that once again, American Idol voting results have been completely dominated by the romantic fantasies of young girls. 

Sure, there are some teen fantasies that are easier to buy into but somehow Deandre just doesn't quite compare to a romantic vampire or a District 12 tribute.  C'mon girls - listen to Jimmy and let's fire up some girl power!  Heck, you don't even need to vote for a girl if you don't want to, just please prevent us from having to endure another week of Deandre's falsetto vocals.

With Deandre avoiding the Bottom Three this week, it was Hollie Cavanagh who was forced to join Heejun Han and Skylar Laine on the elimination stools.  Umm, let me rephrase.  Chairs.  Elimination chairs.  There, that's so much better.

Of course, since Deandre wasn't in the bottom, he couldn't be the one to go home, as predicted in this blog yesterday.  What a load of . . .chairs! 

In the end, it was Heejun Han who was forced to vacate the American Idol mansion in Hollywood.  Though his humor will be missed, his final performances highlighted his vocals. If he had to go, it was fortunate that he went on such a high note. 

And thankfully, it was no where near as high as Deandre's.

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