The Voice puts favorite Javier Colon into finale

The Voice, on Wednesday, revealed that America's votes earned early favorite Javier Colon a spot in next week's finale. Who else is in The Voice finals?

Damian Dovarganes/AP Photo
Judges for the television competition series "The Voice," Adam Levine and Christina Aguilera pose at Los Angeles Center Studios in Los Angeles, CA on March 15, 2011.

On Wednesday, “The Voice” aired a special results show immediately following a special announcement from the President regarding the war in Afghanistan. There’s nothing quite like the talk of war to turn guilty pleasures like, “The Voice,” into downright shameful pleasures.

Since Carson Daly explained the rules with such earnest reverence Wednesday night, this article will only offer a brief overview of their complex workings. The coaches have 100 points to split between their two contestants, that score gets added to America’s votes to determine who wins. Those who long to delve into the byzantine formula can visit NBC’s website for full details.

The coaches’ scores are revealed first, followed by “The Voice’s” favorite form of time wasting – the coaches' soliloquy, often characterized by suspect expressions of love, equality, and lifelong devotion.

Cee Lo Green, who was up first, raised (or perhaps lowered, depending on your expertise in literature) the bar by adding his own poem to the proceedings. Cee Lo divided up his 100 points relatively evenly between Nakia and Vicci Martinez, 51 and 49 respectively. Yet, despite the slight edge to Nakia, Vicci won with a final score of 124 to 76 after America’s votes were added.

Coach Adam Levine was far more decisive with his assignment of points, granting Javier Colon a whopping 65 out of 100, leaving Casey with a mere 35. Adam tried to justify the figurative blow he delivered to Casey by explaining that at just 18, she has an amazing career ahead of her. Apparently Javier Colon, at the ripe old age of 34 is perilously close to becoming a washed up has been.

Turns out Adam never needed to expose his heartless pragmatism, since with a final score of 138 – 62 (the widest margin of the night), Javier would have been victorious even if Adam had graciously assigned Javier and Casey equal points.

Blake Shelton, who has displayed a truly heartwarming attachment to the young women of his team, could not bring himself to choose between the two and evenly divided his points. Choked up, he explained that he could neither win nor lose with America’s decision.

In the end, Dia Frampton beat out Xenia with the surprisingly tight score of 106 -94.

Finally came Christina Aguilera’s Team, Frenchie Davis and Beverly McLellan. Christina, like Cee Lo and Blake, chose to not favor one contestant over another and assigned equal points to the two.

In another tight race, 107-93, Beverly McClellan beat out Frenchie Davis to represent team Christina in next week’s finale.

It is also worth noting that after these results, your humble The Voice analyst, Jodi Bradbury, earned a perfect score in the field of prescient blogging.

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