After six years, 'Lost' still makes no sense

A Monitor staffer weighs in on the series finale of ABC's 'Lost' with a missive to the show's creators.

AP Photo/ABC, Mario Perez
In this image provided by ABC, Matthew Fox appears as Dr. Jack Shephard in the series finale of " Lost."

To 'Lost' producers Carleton Cuse and Damon Lindelof,

First off let me thank you both for an amazing six years of a show with such flawed, wonderful characters and thought-provoking storylines. There won’t be another show like it.

But as I sit here on Monday morning after staying up late last night to watch the conclusion, I am left scratching my head over some of the big mysteries left unanswered.

Now I was not expecting to get an explanation for every little question. For instance, mysteries like who constructed the temple and statue or why there were still Darma food drops, we can figure out on our own.

And I realize it would be impossible to please all us 'Losties’ since I’m sure we all had scenarios about how the show should end. I also realize it was a show was about the characters, and I wouldn’t change that for a minute. But it was also a show with lots of mysteries. I will whittle down my wish list to three.

1. The Smoke Monster: What was the smoke monster? Why would it be bad if he left the island? If going into the light of the island turned him into 'Smokey,' why didn’t Jack or Desmond become one, too, when they went there?

2. Infertility: What’s the story with all the infertility issues on the island? Was there a connection with the Egyptian fertility goddess statue?

3. The Island: If there was one mystery we need an answer to it is: what is the island? What is its purpose, and why does it need protecting? What is its light? What did Jack and the others really die for? How and why does the fate of the world lie there? Since the first season, I have been wondering the same question that Charlie asked, 'Guys, where are we?’

I know you both have opted to give yourselves a period of 'radio silence’ for now, but hopefully you’ll consider my questions at some point. Don’t leave me lost.

'Lostie’ Rich Clabaugh

P.S. Any chance for an epilogue episode?


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