Tubegazing: Tracy Ullman's 'State of the Union'

The comedienne's Showtime series creates skits you won't see on 'Saturday Night Live.'

State of the Union (Showtime, March 30, 10 p.m.): British comedienne Tracy Ullman's new series allows her to develop an impressive cast of characters as she paints a sardonic portrait of America. The sketch show includes an Indian pharmacist who breaks into Bollywood-style musical numbers, guest celebs (Helen Mirren, Renée Zellweger), politicians such as Nancy Pelosi, and an array of blue-collar workers. Vulgar and brazenly racy, it's unlike anything else on TV. It will appeal to anyone who can appreciate Ullman's sheer acting/impersonation skill. It may be a harder sell for those who can't see past the potentially wearing gimmick of her playing every lead. Gloria Goodale

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