The View Inside The Window

A poem.

The view inside the window 
The pigeon had two legs, but only one foot.
 Unhampered by his hobble
 he stood boldly on the Corner Bakery table,
 peering through the glass to see me
 looking at him looking at me.
 Pigeons are not allowed on the Corner
              Bakery tables.
 While the waitress was still inside,
 his pigeon buddies were making quick
             meals of the
 goodies left on the sidewalk.
 But, not this one. He was more interested
 in the view inside the window, turning his
 to hear what he couldn't see.
 I love the way living things tilt their heads
 when figuring something new.
 People do it too.
 Balance, poise and curiosity can't be
           stamped out.
 Life is not just about walking, but flying
  – Lois Rae Carlson

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