30 quotes from Ringo Starr for his 72nd birthday

Ringo Starr, born Richard Starkey in 1940 in Liverpool, England, became one-fourth of the most famous band in the world when he performed his first show as the drummer for the Beatles in 1962, fifty years ago this year. After the band broke up, Starr recorded albums that included "Beaucoups of Blues," "Ringo," and "Stop and Smell the Roses." Starr also toured multiple times with other musicians such as Levon Helm, Clarence Clemons, Peter Frampton, John Entwistle, his son Zak Starkey, and others under the name Ringo Starr & His All-Starr Band. Last January, he released his latest album titled "Ringo 2012." Here are 30 quotes from Starr on his birthday.


1. Friends


"I get by with a little help from my friends."

John and Paul wrote this "Sgt. Pepper's" favorite for Ringo. He insisted that the boys change the original opening lines ("What would you do if I sang out of tune? Would you stand up and throw tomatoes at me?"), fearing fans might be tempted to take the implied invitation literally.

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