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'The Dressmaker' induces whiplash with its moodswings

'Dressmaker' stars Kate Winslet as a fashionista from Paris who returns to her hometown of Dungatar, Australia.

Kate Winslet stars as Tilly Dunnage in Jocelyn Moorhouse's 'The Dressmaker.'
Courtesy of Ben King/Broad Green Pictures/Amazon Studios
( R )
  • Peter Rainer
    Film critic

In “The Dressmaker,” the first film in 18 years to be directed by the Australian Jocelyn Moorhouse, Kate Winslet plays a fashionista from Paris who returns to her hometown of Dungatar and wreaks havoc on its assorted daffy inhabitants. 

The film has so many moodswings that watching it induces whiplash, and just about everybody in it, from Winslet on down to Judy Davis, playing the dressmaker’s crotchety mother, flagrantly overdoes it. Grade: C (Rated R for brief language and a scene of violence.) 

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