'Batman v Superman': How Ben Affleck's take on the role of Batman is different

Affleck is the newest actor to take on the role of Batman following Christian Bale and Michael Keaton, among others, starring as the Caped Crusader. 'Batman v Superman' is now in theaters.

Clay Enos/Warner Bros. Entertainment/AP
'Batman v Superman' stars Gal Gadot (l.) and Ben Affleck (r.).

Superheroes are not the only ones seeking redemption in the new "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" film. Actor Ben Affleck also wanted a do-over playing a superhero after being panned in Marvel's 2003 film "Daredevil."

"In the last superhero movie that I played, I was not happy with (it)," Affleck told Reuters. "I just thought it was not up to what it should have been."

In "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice," which is now in theaters, Affleck becomes the latest A-list star to don Batman's black mask and cowl, this time to take on Superman in the sequel to 2013's "Man of Steel."

The two superheroes come to blows over responsibility for the controversial mass deaths of civilians in "Man of Steel" as the public wrestles with what kind of superheroes it really wants.

Affleck's Batman and alter-ego, reclusive billionaire Bruce Wayne, is older than the previous on-screen iterations and also wearier, still scarred by the death of his parents and from fighting thugs in Gotham.

Numerous actors have donned the iconic batsuit, including Michael Keaton, George Clooney, and, most recently, Christian Bale in Christopher Nolan's "Dark Knight" franchise from 2005 to 2012, which grossed more than $2 billion worldwide.

Affleck said he wanted to do a superhero movie "that really worked as a real, substantial, thoughtful movie," and will continue the Batman role in three Warner Bros' films – "Suicide Squad" later this year, superhero ensemble "The Justice League Part One" in 2017, and "The Justice League Part Two" in 2019.

The casting of Affleck initially received mixed reactions as fans debated whether he would live up to Bale's critically acclaimed portrayal.

Affleck acknowledged he was "following in very big footsteps" and said his Batman is "a little bit more of a brawler, he's more physical." He said Batman also would be "contemplative" going forward.

"He's sort of looking for something," he said.

Henry Cavill, who plays Superman, said Affleck's Bruce Wayne harnessed "this jadedness, this world-weariness. It's almost like there's a core of justice there but surrounded by scar tissue."

As Affleck is putting his own imprint on Batman, Cavill indicated he is not done putting his own twist on Superman.

"We're seeing the guy making mistakes, we're seeing the guy having emotional reactions to stuff," Cavill said. "When we get into those final development stages of Superman, then you'll start to see my stamp on the character."

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