'The Last Goodbye' will make you weep like a Nazgûl

'The Last Goodbye,' the teary ballad that will play over the credits of "The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies," brings an end to the Hobbit trilogy.

Even the Eye of Sauron won’t be dry after seeing the “The Last Goodbye,” the song that bids a painful farewell to the series of epic films that launched a thousand cottage industries. 

As the time draws near to close the book on Middle-earth after 16 years and six films, director Peter Jackson chose Billy Boyd, who portrayed the loyal Hobbit Pippin in the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy to sing the fans farewell, according to Entertainment Weekly. EW reports that Mr. Boyd collaborated with Mr. Jackson, Fran Walsh, and Philippa Boyens.

The tearful song, sung by an out of character Boyd, will play over the credits when "The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies" opens on Dec. 17.

Perhaps those be weeping the most  into their miruvor may be those who sell all things Lord of the Rings and Hobbit.

Aside from the official movie store online, there is every possible permutation of the books titles online offering everything from Hobbit-themed Moleskine notebooks to to wearable Hobbit feet

Perhaps the only Hobbits this won’t greatly affect are those at Hobbit Hobby Shop in FayettevilleNorth Carolina, a seller of tabletop games, miniatures, dice and other materials. Their name, says store manager Rick Palmer, is a happy accident.

“Well our name is really a combination of Hobby and Bit,” Mt. Palmer explained. “Nobody was even thinking of Hobbits when they named the place.”

Fans may wonder if gamers in North Carolina have been living in a non-Hobbit hole in the wall if the store’s name doesn’t bring scores of clientele who are seeking rings, runes and everything Elvish.


“Really,” Mr. Palmer responded. “Although we do sell some swords like those in the movie we get made from a special dealer. We sell the Hobbit role playing game (RPG) but that never got very popular around here.”

After December 17 the best any Tolkein fan can hope for is to hop aboard a flight with New Zealand Airlines  which has made Middle Earth into its cash crop by promoting the filming locations for the various epic films. 

Even so, perhaps, in the final chapter, the one to rule them all will be the makers of Kleenex.

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