'The Love Punch' actress Emma Thompson makes the movie tolerable

( PG-13 ) ( Monitor Movie Guide )

'The Love Punch' is a third-rate caper, but Thompson's crack timing makes even her worst lines entertaining.

A Ketchup Entertainment Release
Emma Thompson (Kate) and Pierce Brosnan (Richard) in a scene from THE LOVE PUNCH, directed by Joel Hopkins.

“The Love Punch” is a romantic caper comedy made tolerable, although just barely, by the comedic chops of Emma Thompson. She plays the ex-wife of an investment tycoon (played by Pierce Brosnan) whose company, along with everybody’s pension, has been deep-sixed by a predatory Parisian businessman. Retrieving the funds means crashing the bad guy’s Côte d’Azur wedding and making off with the multimillion-dollar diamond worn by his fiancée. 

It’s all third-rate “Pink Panther” stuff, and Brosnan, eager to play down his 007 bona fides, overcorrects. He seems uncomfortable playing uncomfortable. But Thompson is one of those rarities who shines in just about anything. Her crack timing enlivens even her worst lines. Grade: C+ (Rated PG-13 for some sexual content, language, and rude humor.)

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