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'Neighbors' is just another gross-out comedy

'Neighbors' stars Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne as a couple with a baby whose lives are disrupted when a fraternity, led by their wild president (Zac Efron), moves in next door.

Glen Wilson/Universal Pictures/AP
'Neighbors' stars Seth Rogen (r.) and Rose Byrne (l.).

Has there ever been a movie featuring fraternities that wasn’t a gross-out? “Animal House,” still probably the best of breed, was the template. The slipshod “Neighbors,” directed by Nicholas Stoller, doesn’t measure up. It’s gross, all right, but rarely funny – unless jokes about alcohol-laced breast milk is your thing.

Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne play a married couple with a baby whose lives are disrupted when a raucous fraternity – is there any other kind? – moves in next door. Polite entreaties to “keep it down” soon turn into all-out warfare between the couple and the frat prez played by Zac Efron. It’s also a battle of the physiques: Rogen’s flabbiness versus Efron’s six pack. The film sides with Rogen. That’s populism for you. Grade: C (Rated R for pervasive language, strong crude and sexual content, graphic nudity, and drug use throughout. )

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