5 crowd-pleasing holiday specials

Looking for something holiday-themed that the whole family will enjoy? These five specials have stood the test of time and will be loved by young and old alike.

3. 'Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer'


Yes, this is the one where Santa Claus is kind of a jerk. Reindeer Rudolph is born with a nose that glows red and is shunned by the rest of the North Pole community until he teams up with fellow outcast Herbie the elf and learns that sometimes being different isn't such a bad thing – especially when your glowing nose may be able to save a holiday. The special, produced by Rankin/Bass, first aired on NBC in 1964 and went through a few changes over the years. One addition was planned after TV audiences wondered what had happened to the residents of the Island of Misfit Toys, and a scene was created showing Santa arriving to distribute them to children. The scene first aired in 1965 and has been included ever since.

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