'Chasing Ice' is a chilling look at melting glaciers: movie review

Director Jeff Orlowski follows the disappearing glaciers of the Arctic.

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    The documentary uses time-lapse technology to speed up glaciers melting.
    James Balog/Extreme Ice Survey/AP
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Award-winning photographer James Balog was a climate change skeptic until he trained his cameras on the inexorably eroding glaciers of the Arctic. Jeff Orlowski’s “Chasing Ice” documents the intrepid – some might say borderline crazy – efforts by Balog and his team to endure the brutal climate and document the catastrophe. The rapid disappearance of ice mountains, filmed over a period of years, is compressed through time-lapse technology into minutes and seconds. The speeded-up effect is harrowing and also, disturbingly, eerily beautiful. Grade: B+ (Rated PG-13 for brief strong language.)

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