Movie review: Channing Tatum returns for reunion in '10 Years' (+trailer)

( PG-13
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The plot of '10 Years' is unoriginal, but Channing Tatum as a former prom king returning for a high school reunion provides a somewhat interesting subplot.

Colleen Hayes/Anchor Bay Films/AP
Channing Tatum (l.) stars as an ex-prom king who plans to propose to his girlfriend before meeting an old flame (Rosario Dawson (r.) before his high school reunion.

As “10 Years” confirms, following a bunch of friends on the night of their 10th high school reunion isn’t exactly the most original idea for a movie.

Needless to say, everybody comes equipped with their very own overweight baggage; old grudges are revived, new ones are invented; and big personal revelations – most of which you can see coming a mile away – arrive on cue.

In the only vaguely interesting subplot, Channing Tatum plays the ex-prom king whose impending proposal to his girlfriend is sidetracked by the arrival of his old flame (Rosario Dawson).

Grade: C+ (Rated PG-13 for language, alcohol abuse, some sexual material and drug use.)

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