This Means War: movie review (+trailer)

'This Means War' is an improbably couples' movie that stretches credibility while coasting on Reese Witherspoon's charm.

Kimberly French/HONS/20th Century Fox/AP
'This Means War' seems more at home with action scenes than with its central romance.

“This Means War” is being promoted as a Valentine’s Day special, but it would more appropriately fit into Veterans Day. Chris Pine and Tom Hardy play best buddy CIA agents Foster and Tuck, who, in the film’s opening gambit, fire off more rounds than an entire US Army battalion. The high-low concept here is that both guys end up romancing the same woman – the lovelorn Lauren, played by Reese Witherspoon in her industrial-strength charm mode. 

Lauren has no idea what these guys really do for a living, which doesn’t make much sense. But then again, nothing in this film makes much sense. The director, McG (“Charlie’s Angels”) is clearly more at home with the blam-blam stuff than the smoochie scenes. The best you can say about “This Means War” is that it would make a good date movie for couples in the witness protection program. Grade: C (Rated R for some sexual content.)

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