10 great movies by Steven Spielberg

While he lost out on a nomination for Best Director at the Golden Globes, which will air this Sunday (Jan. 15), many industry watcher think legendary director Steven Spielberg has a shot at an Oscar nomination for Best Director. He currently has two films ("War Horse" and "The Adventures of Tintin") in the top 10 at the box office. Here are 10 of Spielberg's most memorable films from his career – and while he's produced and written numerous films, we're sticking with the ones he's directed.

Andrew Cooper/HONS/Disney/AP


After directing various TV episodes and the 1974 film "The Sugarland Express," Spielberg took the helm for the 1975 movie that made America afraid to go into the ocean. Filmed on Martha's Vineyard, Mass., and based on the novel by Peter Benchley, the production on the film about a seaside town terrorized by a shark was famously troubled. According to an interview with Richard Dreyfuss, Spielberg was absent for the filming of the last scene because he was afraid his angry crew would dunk him in the ocean. Because of mechanical difficulties with the shark, Spielberg was forced to not include it in the first portion of the film, which many critics said made the movie scarier.

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