Robert De Niro and Jason Stratham in 'Killer Elite': movie review

The story of 'Killer Elite,' about an ex-Navy SEAL, is an endless series of fights with half-baked performances.

Omnilab media/Album/Newscom
Jason Statham (right) leaves retirement to rescue his former colleague (Robert De Niro) in 'Killer Elite'

In “Killer Elite,” Jason Stratham plays Danny, an ex-Navy SEAL who is forced out of retirement to rescue Hunter (Robert De Niro), a former compadre in the assassination business. His rescue operation takes him to the Middle East, the movie bad-guy locale of choice these days, where a powerful, dying sheikh is looking to avenge the killing by British agents of several of his sons.

What all this semi-incomprehensible malarkey boils down to is a series of violent skirmishes between Danny and what seems like half the planet. Clive Owen, playing a shady British operative, is saddled with a silly-looking moustache. De Niro, in what amounts to an extended cameo, is radically miscast. That’s still no excuse for his nonperformance, which is beyond lackluster. Grade: C+ (Rated R for strong violence, language, and some sexuality/nudity.)

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