The Big Bang: movie review

Antonio Banderas plays a private detective with a seemingly simple assignment that turns into a nutty escapade in 'The Big Bang.'

Are there any new changes that can be wrung on the film noir genre? How about a noir with the “God particle” as the prize?

Tony Krantz’s “The Big Bang,” written by Erik Jendresen, isn’t overwhelmingly good, but it’s just nutty enough to keep you watching. Antonio Banderas plays Ned Cruz, a Los Angeles private eye who becomes embroiled in shady dealings involving a Russian boxer, a porn producer, a kinky movie star, crooked cops, and a wacked-out billionaire (Sam Elliott) financing a search for the particle using a high-speed accelerator beneath the New Mexico desert.

Where else can you see a movie where a sexy waitress says, “Reality is just a wave function”? Grade: B (Rated R for some strong sexual content, nudity, violence, and language.)

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