The Double Hour: movie review

( Unrated ) ( Monitor Movie Guide )

In the psychological thriller 'The Double Hour,' an ex-cop and chambermaid meet at a dating club and hit it off, only to have tragedy strike.

The Double Hour” is the first feature from director Giuseppe Capotondi, a former philosophy student who looks as if he’s still at it. Actually, pseudo-philosophy is more like it. He’s made a psychological thriller that is very heavy on the mumbo-jumbo.

Sonia (the talented Ksenia Rappoport), a Slovenian immigrant working as a chambermaid in a fancy hotel in Turin, Italy, hooks up with the hale ex-cop Guido (Filippo Timi, who was marvelous as Mussolini in “Vincere”) at a dating club. Things are looking good when suddenly tragedy, as they say, strikes – but whose tragedy is it, in what world, and why?

Capotondi keeps circling his movie in and out of dream states and waking states as the whodunit morphs into who-cares-who-dunit? It’s reassuring, I suppose, to know that Hollywood isn’t the only place these days that’s turning out multiple-mind fantasias (“The Adjustment Bureau,” “Source Code,” et al.). But I’m starting to feel an intense nostalgia for linear storytelling. Grade: B- (Not rated.)

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