Natalie Portman is a warrior in 'Your Highness': movie review

Lowbrow comedy 'Your Highness' is a spoof on period dramas but elicits few laughs.

Frank Connor/Universal Pictures/AP
Natalie Portman is shown in a scene from, 'Your Highness.'

Sword and sorcery movies often resemble parodies of themselves even when they are intended to be taken seriously. And then there are genre spoofs like “Your Highness” that are meant to be funny and leave you stone-faced. Full disclosure: I have to say I did laugh during “Your Highness.” Twice, I think.

Coscreenwriter Danny McBride, whom I have never found as amusing as he finds himself, plays Prince Thadeous, who, with his glamorous older brother Prince Fabious (James Franco), goes off to rescue Fabious’s maiden bride (Zooey Deschanel) from the clutches of an evil wizard (Justin Theroux). Along the way they encounter, among other absurdities, a Xena-type warrior, played by Natalie Portman fresh from her Oscar, and a male minotaur in a state of unmistakable arousal.

David Gordon Green, who previously directed the stoner cult comedy “Pineapple Express,” applies his dubious skills to a script that should have been left moldering in a crypt. Grade: D (Rated R for strong crude and sexual content, pervasive language, nudity, violence, and some drug use.)

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