Will Sasso: Curly to be played by Will Sasso in 'Three Stooges' movie

Will Sasso: Curly, the 'nyukking' Third Stooge, will reportedly be played by Canadian actor Will Sasso in the upcoming film adaption of the 'Three Stooges.'

Canadian actor and comedian Will Sasso will now be joining the cast for the Farrelly brothers’ upcoming Three Stooges film. Sasso, known for his work on five straight seasons of MADtv, has now been confirmed to play the role of "Curly."

Since his 2002 exit from MADtv, Sasso has kept busy with small roles on TV sitcoms and in several movies.

According to Critic Approved, "the 'Three Stooges’ movie has had a lot of problems and it’s still in trouble." The Farrelly brothers predicted in an interview with MTV that at least one of the stars would be an unknown actor.

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Sasso seems to fit the role so naturally as he tends to be a 'look-a-like to Curly. According to Reelz Channel, "once 20th Century Fox took over last December Peter Farrelly revealed that they were searching for "the best possible people," and Sasso clearly fits that bill. The rest of the cast could be announced later this week."

After plenty of negotiating, the Farrellys have locked in two members of the cast. Joining Sasso will be Sean Hayes, playing the role of "Larry."

Sean Hayes is widely known for his role as Jack McFarland in the TV sitcom 'Will And Grace.'

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