Heartbeats: movie review

( Unrated ) ( Monitor Movie Guide )

Montreal-based drama 'Heartbeats' is a modern take on the love triangle with a hipper twist.

The Quebecois filmmaker Xavier Dolan not only wrote and directed “Heartbeats,” but is also its art director, costume designer, editor, and costar. It’s an omnisexual variation on François Truffaut's “Jules and Jim,” although stylistically, with its emphases on hipper-than-thou attitudes and moody-blues visuals, it’s much closer to the early work of Jean-Luc Godard and Wong Kar-Wai.

Two friends, played by Monia Chokri and Dolan, are in love with the same diffident dreamboat, played by Niels Schneider. The triangulations of their desire are amusing but Dolan, as a director, is all attitude. Grade: B- (Unrated.)

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