Every Day: movie review

'Every Day' has a fantastic cast but the story line of small disappointments and domestic dramas never really coalesces.

Writer-director Richard Levine’s “Every Day” is like a gumbo of fantastic ingredients where nothing ever really coalesces. The fine cast includes Liev Schreiber as Ned, a writer for a successful “Nick/Tuck”-like TV show; Helen Hunt as Jeannie, his put-upon wife; Brian Dennehy as her surly, sickly father who comes to live with them; and Carla Gugino as Ned’s brazenly seductive writing partner.

There are sharp moments throughout: Ned’s disgust at having to churn out lowest-denominator TV material; the love-hate back-and-forth between Jeannie and her father; a few scenes between Ned and his oldest son, Jonah (Ezra Miller), who is openly gay. But too often the sequences in this movie play out like snatches from a terrific play that somehow got lost along the way. Grade: B- (Rated R for language, sexual content, and some drug use.)

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