The Perfect Game: movie review

( PG ) ( Monitor Movie Guide )

‘The Perfect Game,’ based on the true story of Little League underdogs playing in a World Series, gets bogged down in sentimentality.

In case you were on the prowl for peachy-keen family entertainment and were pulled in by the ads for “The Perfect Game,” I’m here to save you some cash.

Based on a true story about a Mexican baseball team that in 1957 improbably wins the Little League World Series, “The Perfect Game” is notable only for being a catalog of just about every kid-pic cliché ever committed to film.

The director, William Dear, once made the popular “Angels in the Outfield,” which, in comparison, seems like “Citizen Kane.” Clifton Collins Jr. plays the boy’s coach and Cheech Marin is the Monterrey priest who graces the boys with his benevolent beatitude. Wonder what Cheech and Chong would have made of this movie? Mincemeat, most likely. Grade: D+ (Rated PG for some thematic elements.)


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