Review: 'It Might Get Loud'

( PG ) ( Monitor Movie Guide )

Step in to the world of three master electric guitarists in this affectionate documentary about a jam session.

If you are an avid air guitarist, you might want to spend some time checking out the real deal. "It Might Get Loud" is an affectionate documentary by Davis Guggenheim ("An Inconvenient Truth") featuring three master electric guitarists: Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin, The Edge of U2, and Jack White of The White Stripes. Page talks about rebelling against the sticky 1960s pop sound, White rhapsodizes about his love for the rawness of the great bluesman Son House, and The Edge uncovers the original four-track rehearsals of "Where the Streets Have No Name." Each man has his own distinctive style, and yet when they jam together it sounds like the most natural thing in the world. Grade: B+ (Rated PG for mild thematic elements, brief language, and smoking.)

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