Review: 'Eleven Minutes'

Documentary follows 'Project Runway' winner Jay McCarroll as he stages his first fashion show, with all its backstage angst and whining.

Regent Releasing/AP
Designer Jay McCarroll during a scene from the documentary "Eleven Minutes."

"Eleven Minutes" is so called because it is the average amount of time devoted per designer to runway fashion shows. The designer here is Jay McCarroll, the first "Project Runway" winner. Michael Selditch and Rob Tate, who had previously filmed him for an hour-long Bravo special, go feature-length here, as we watch McCarroll fret and whine and burble on his way to his first bona fide post-"Project Runway" fashion show – sponsored by, of all things, the Humane Society. The dynamics of fashioning low-end fashion are amusing but a little of McCarroll goes a long way. He's already had his 15 minutes of fame. I'm not sure we need this run-up to another 11. Grade: C (Rated R for language.)

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