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Reviews of the sprawling, CGI caveman epic '10,000 BC' and the black comedy, 'Married Life,' starring Pierce Brosnan and Chris Cooper.

Married Life (PG-13)

Director: Ira Sachs. With Pierce Brosnan, Chris Cooper, Patricia Clarkson. (90 min.)

A faltering attempt at black comedy mixed with romantic melodrama, "Married Life" is always on the verge of being interesting but never quite gets there. Chris Cooper plays Harry, who believes he must kill his wife, Pat (Patricia Clarkson), rather than have her submit to the indignity of his infidelity with the ravishing Kay (Rachel McAdams), who is also being pursued by Harry's best friend Richard (Pierce Brosnan). Got that? The cast is first-rate but nothing goes very far in this film. Grade: B- – Peter Rainer

10,000 BC (PG-13)

Director: Roland Emmerich. With Steven Strait, Camilla Belle. (109 min.)

If you like woolly mammoths, you'll love "10,000 BC." Otherwise, you may be out of luck. This CGI-heavy odyssey is about a hunter named D'Leh (Steven Strait) who pledges eternal love to Evolet (Camilla Belle) only to discover she's been abducted by warlords. This is the kind of movie where a character can't just say "the fire's not out yet," they have to say "the fire still lives in these stones." It made me yearn to see "Caveman" again. At least that was intentionally funny.

Grade: C – P.R.

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