Kings Island roller coaster: How many loops?

Kings Island roller coaster: The amusement park is promising a 'world record-breaking' roller coaster. Channel 5, WLWT of Cincinnati, says the Kings Island ride will have four loops and a corkscrew.

Planning documents show that Kings Island's new thrill ride will occupy the area where the ill-fated Son of Beast roller coaster once stood at the southwest Ohio theme park.

The Cincinnati Enquirer reports zoning records indicate that a new coaster identified only as "the 2014 Project" is in the works. But a US Patent Office filing shows a request by the park’s parent company to trademark “Banshee” on an amusement park ride. Kings Island has declined to discuss the new ride, but has scheduled an announcement the night of Aug. 8 to unveil plans for what it calls a new "world record-breaking attraction."

The 364-acre theme park and waterpark north of Cincinnati has 14 roller coaster rides, including The Beast. Built in 1979, The Beast claims to be the longest wooden coaster in the world.

The Son of Beast opened with fanfare in 2000, billed as the world's tallest and fastest wooden roller coaster with a signature loop. But it was plagued by shutdowns and injuries. After a reported injury in 2009, it closed for good and was finally taken apart last year.

What record will this new coaster set? Kings Island officials are mum.

But Jeremy Schoolfield, editor-in-chief of Funworld, the official publication of the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions tells the Cincinnati Enquirer:

“In recent years, we’ve seen all number of things, from where you put riders in relation to the track, what the track is able to do and the types of maneuvers the trains are able to make,” he said. “Tallest, fastest and longest are some of the staples, but angle of descent – the first drop gets steeper – is something we’ve seen pushed in the past few years.”

Channel 5, WLWT of Cincinnati, got copies of the plans filed with the city of Mason, and asked a former Kings Island assistant manager Dennis Speigel to take a look. His assessment? It's big. And the new ride should have at least four loops and a corkscrew.

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