Michelle Shocked concerts canceled. What did she say?

Michelle Shocked ticked off a San Francisco audience with an anti-gay rant. After the anti-gay slurs, several venues canceled their scheduled Michelle Shocked concerts.

Alternative folk and rock singer Michelle Shocked has had several shows canceled after making an anti-gay slur at a San Francisco concert.

Yoshi's San Francisco Director of Marketing Lisa Bautista told The Associated Press that Shocked had just begun her second set Sunday night when she made comments that included the slur.

The venue muted her microphone, dimmed the lights and announced the show was over. Bautista said Tuesday she was told people in the audience asked Shocked to stop and walked out.

According to a report in the Bay Area Reporter, the tirade began shortly after intermission.

Shocked "immediately began a rant that left the audience stunned. She said she was tired of Christians hiding behind the cross. "When they stop Prop 8 and force priests at gunpoint to marry gays, it will be the downfall of civilization and Jesus will come back," she said.

Loud gasps were heard from the audience. Many fans walked out.

"I believe the Bible is the word of God," Shocked continued. More audience gasps were heard. More fans exited and some shouted pro-gay sentiments including "Gays deserve to marry," "That is a rotten and horrible thing to say," "Jesus loves people," and "Don't bash people for who they are."

Shocked was scheduled to perform at the Hopmonk Tavern in Novato, but the Marin Independent Journal reports the March 29 show was canceled.

At least four other shows also have been canceled, including one in Boulder, Colorado, in May for the radio show eTown.

Requests for comment e-mailed to Shocked and her manager were not immediately returned.

Michelle Shocked, in case you're wondering, is a stage name. The artist's real name is Karen Michelle Johnston.

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