Share your garden photos; you could win a prize

Want to share your plant photos with others? We'd love for you to do that on our Gardening With the Monitor group site on Flickr. And if you're just in the mood to look at some neat nature images, this is going to be a great place to do it. I love Carolyn Hopper's flicker on Flickr!

We thought that having a photo-sharing group on Flickr opened up lots of opportunities for visitors to the Monitor's gardening site and blogs to get to know one another. Especially now that we have several new bloggers on board and more expected in the next few weeks.

So we decided we'd have a photo contest. Give us a sneak peek into your garden or into a public or private garden you admire. Maybe it will be a landscape shot or a closeup of a flower, fruit, or plant. Whatever you like and want to show others. Upload them to the Flickr site (you'll need to join; it's free)  and label them with the plants' names.

Then once a month, the Monitor's professional photographers will look over the photos that were posted and choose what they consider the top two. The winners will receive a new garden book.

This first month, all photos uploaded to the Flickr group site will be eligible. In the future, we anticipate possibly having themes some months. (If we do, we'll announce them ahead of time.)

Even if you don't want to be part of the contest – or think that maybe your photos aren't good enough – do upload them anyway just to share with others.

And if you want to see some more interesting garden photos – and read some great writing – do drop by  to visit the Monitor's latest bloggers – the Transplanted Gardener, Alex on her Greenhouse Journey, and the Rose Whisperer. Each will be writing at least a couple of times a week.

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