Tell us about your garden failures

All the things that went wrong in the garden.

If you had it to do over again, what mistakes would you avoid in the garden?

Recently, when a group of garden writers was discussing this topic, the I'd-never-do-that-again vows were almost all about plants we really, really regretted planting -- those garden bullies that quickly got out of hand and tried to take over the entire yard.

But in this humorous essay, Craig Summers Black recounts a wide variety of garden goofs -- from planting something upside down to growing plants we knows won't survive his harsh winters.

Can you top his experiences? Send us your humorous or serious tales of things that went wrong despite your best intentions. E-mail to living at csmonitor dot com. (Make that into the usual e-mail address format; writing it that way in this post allows us to avoid buckets of spam.)

We will post responses in this blog and will send a new garden book (you can choose among several) to the two gardeners with the top tales.

Note: We invite you to click here to visit the Monitor's gardening site, which offers articles, essays, and blog posts on a variety of gardening topics.

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