Garden 'siteseeing' among the best

Award-winning garden blogs

Today's visit to gardeners and gardens around the United States and the world is a bit different. For one, there are many more than usual. And secondly, they've all been named winners in various categories by the website Blotanical, which keeps track of numerous garden blogs (although, admittedly, all aren't up to date).

If you visit many garden blogs (or you're a regular rider on our weekly siteseeing tours), quite a few of these winners will be familiar to you. But I suspect there are going to be some that haven't come to your attention yet.

That's the fun of surfing around the Web, to see who's doing what and writing about it.

Regional awards:
Best US blog: Faire Garden
Best British blog: The Patient Gardner's Weblog
Best Canadian blog: Soliloquy
Best Oceaniac Blog: Yesterday Today and Tomorrow in My Garden
Best African Blog: Egypt Farm
Best Asian Blog: Terra Farmer
Best European Blog: Bliss
Best South American Blog: A Caribbean Garden

Sustainability awards:
Best Drought-Tolerant Blog: Digging
Best Organic Blog: Sustainable Gardening Blog
Best Agrarian Blog: Veg Plotting

Design and Flair Awards
Best Photography: Digging
Best Blog Design: Garden Rant
Best Blog Writing: May Dreams Gardens
Most User-Friendly Blog: Digging
Best Blog Name: Kiss My Aster
Best Blog Post: "Have you ever wondered how blogs got their names?" (From Clay and Limestone)

Blog Awards
Best Newcomer: Clay and Limestone
Blog of the Year: Faire Garden
Best Indoor Gardening Blog: Plants Are the Strangest People

If you enjoy gardening and reading about what others who love to dig in the dirt are doing -- and writing about -- do visit these winners. You're sure to find new favorites.

(NOTE: To go to the Monitor's main gardening page -- which contains articles and blog posts on many topics -- click here.)

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