Flowers, flowers everywhere

A garden center in England offers visitors something very different.

It's one of those "only in Britain" stories: The BBC reports that the Barton Grange Garden Centre has installed flower-shaped "sculptures" in the men's room. (I'm trying to be tactful here; I write for a family newspaper. I apologize in advance if you're offended.)

I think it makes most people smile, shake their heads, and ask, "What next? You probably won't be surprised to find that they were designed by a Yank -- San Francisco artist Clark Sorensen, who is actually known for this sort of thing. (Who knew that it could be an artistic specialty?)

The garden center in Brock, Lancashire, England, paid about $6,500 for each of the "sculptures."

You may have guessed that this garden center isn't some sort of Home Depot knock-off.  There are two of them, both offering sit-down restaurants, furniture, clothing, and gift shops. A destination more than a quick stop to pick up a six-pack of petunias. 

The branch with the floral conveniences was opened in June with a visit from Princess Ann.

Doesn't that show the difference in how gardening is viewed across the pond and here in America? Can you imagine President Bush (or Clinton, or any of the others, for that matter) visiting a garden center for its grand opening?

Needless to say, the men's room has been drawing large numbers of customers to the garden center. The only problem, reported a managing director to the BBC, is that "the ladies" often go in to see them, too.

Everyone's a flower lover.

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