Critter control, part 2

How to control garden damage by wildlife: birds, deer, chipmunks, moles, rabbits, raccoons, skunks, squirrels, and woodchucks.

Although most gardeners enjoy small wildlife in and around their homes, they want to live in harmony -- not have all their efforts at beautification and growing food thwarted.

Yesterday, I outlined the general methods of controlling small animals that cause damage. Today's suggestions are specific to the type of wildlife -- birds, chipmunks, deer, moles and voles, rabbits, shunks, squirrels, and woodchucks.

More than one link is given for each because dealing with wildlife damage often means trying various things until you find what works best for you.


Avian Wild Bird Resources
Backyard Bird Problems


The Eastern Chipmunk
Not So Cute Anymore


You'll find many lists of "deer-resistant plants" on the Web. But you need a list that's strictly for the area in which you live -- deer that won't eat daylilies in Pennsyvania, for instance, will in Texas.

Deer Control in Home Gardens
Deer Control Options

Moles and voles

Methods for Mole Control
Moles and Vole Control: More Expert Tips
Home Pest Control: Voles


Rabbit Control in the Garden
Yard and Garden: Rabbit Control Tips


PennState: Skunks
University of California: Skunks


Squirrel Control – an Oxymoron?
Controlling Squirrels

Woodchucks (Groundhogs)

Mass Audubon: Woodchucks
Dealing With Woodchuck Damage

General wildlife control

How to Deal With Wildlife in Your Vegetable Garden
Control the Critters in Your Garden

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