Flowering trees

Whichever type of spring beauty you have that didn’t perform up to expectations – from a dogwood to a flowering plum – it’s always a disappointment. Where are some possible reasons:

  • Too much shade. If the tree needs full sun (redbuds do; dogwoods don’t, for instance), it may not be getting it because taller trees have grown or a new structure is blocking the light.
  • Too much fertilizer. If the tree is planted in the lawn and you fertilize the grass several times a year, the tree is getting fertilized, too – and often overfertilized.
  • Pruning at the wrong time removed the flower buds.
  • Freeze damage over winter or a late spring frost that followed a warm spell killed the buds
  • Insects or diseases. If you suspect this is a possibility (look at the tree closely), check with your local Extension Service office or your favorite nursery.
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