Edible Books December selection: Toast by Nigel Slater

"Toast" is a poignant memoir by British food writer Nigel Slater. 

'Toast,' by Nigel Slater (Gotham, 2004)

The Edible Books selection for December is Toast: The Story of a Boy’s Hunger by Nigel Slater.

Nigel Slater is well-known for several cookbooks filled with stories and sumptuous photos, his BBC series "Simple Cooking," and his food column in The Observer.  And "Toast" is now a BBC movie starring Helena Bonham Carter.

Before Slater was a famous author and broadcaster he was a young boy who dealt with the loss of his mother, a new housekeeper, and his father’s uncertain temper.

"Toast" is a memoir of Slater’s childhood and growing culinary talents, told through food.  Get ready to learn more about the boy who became the famous man.

Happy Reading! ~ Christina & Natalie

Below is the December discussion schedule:

This month’s reading schedule requires some explanation: We have divided the book into four roughly equal weekly sections as usual. Toast is written in 118 very short chapters – some less than a page long – that are titled but not numbered.  The page numbers listed below are accurate for the Kindle Edition but vary slightly for the paper editions and are therefore intended only as a guide.

December 1-7: Discuss Chapters Toast 1-Jelly 1 (approx pp. 1-57)
December 8-14:  Discuss Chapters Jelly 2-Fray Bentos Steak & Kidney Pie (approx pp. 58-109)
December 15-21:  Discuss Chapters Smoked Haddock-Coffee and Walnut Cake (approx pp. 110-159)
December 22-31:  Discuss Chapters Candyfloss-Toast 3 (approx pp. 160-247)

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