Scrambled egg and cheddar grilled cheese

For a tasty and quick supper, try some scrambled eggs in your grilled cheese sandwich.

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    For this quick grilled cheese sandwich, simply scramble eggs, add sliced avocado, and slip in between two slices of ciabatta bread.
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For this quick grilled cheese sandwich, I simply made scrambled eggs, added sliced avocado in between two slices of ciabatta. You may be asking where is the cheese in the featured photo and I am here to tell you that it was in two places. I cracked the eggs in a bowl and added some shredded Cabot Jalapeno Light Cheddar, which I still had leftover from my previous grilled cheese sandwiches. I mixed the eggs together and then cooked them as you would any scrambled egg. Then, once I put the eggs and avocado (yes, the avocado was extremely ripe) on the bread, I covered it with shredded Cabot Light Sharp Cheddar and baked the sandwich.

While making this grilled cheese sandwich and other meals, I constantly found myself grating some while also slicing pieces to eat. Some go into the sandwich, some go in the mouth. The flavor and texture of this Sharp Light Cheddar combine for a really good cheese that you wouldn’t realize was light unless you saw the packaging.

Although I probably would have preferred a different, less crunchy/thick bread, maybe a sourdough or possibly a bagel, this sandwich was delicious. I mean, how can you go wrong with egg + cheese + avocado made into a grilled cheese sandwich?! If you are looking for something quick and easy, this grilled cheese would definitely be for you.

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