Edible Books: A book club for food lovers

A book club with bite and delicious debate. November's pick: 'White Truffles in Winter' by N.M. Kelby. 

"White Truffles in Winter" by N.M. Kelby (W. W. Norton & Company, October 2012)

Edible Books is a book club without borders. Members can participate from anywhere in the world, any time of the day or night. Every month we all choose a book to read. The following month we read it. The discussion takes place primarily on Twitter although participation on the blog and through our Facebook page is welcomed.  Regular updates will be posted here, including the book selections.

Your hosts, Natalie and Christina, are food lovers as well as book lovers, so we’re encouraging books with a food theme running through them.  Occasionally, however, there may be a surprise selection.  It all depends on what book you, the book club members, vote for each month.

November's pick: "White Truffles in Winter" by N.M. Kelby

We are thrilled to announce that the author, N.M. Kelby, has graciously agreed let us interview her this month (stay tuned to the blog!) and to participate in our Twitter discussion.  So the conversation promises to be even more exciting this month!

"White Truffles in Winter" is a novel about world-famous French chef Auguste Escoffier.  Called the "king of chefs and chef of kings," Escoffier was also a restaurateur, author, a leader in the development of modern French cuisine, and credited with introducing the organized brigade de cuisine system in his kitchens.

But this novel goes beyond Escoffier’s well-known public persona, to invite us into an imaginative story of his private world, filled with glamour, romance, war, and of course food.

Get ready to travel back in time to the turn of the 20th century – and bring a snack, because reading this book will make you hungry!

November discussion schedule:

  • November 1-7: Discuss Chapters 1-8
  • November 8-14: Discuss Chapters 9-16
  • November 15-21: Discuss Chapters 17-24
  • November 22-30: Discuss Chapters 25-31

Find us on Twitter @ediblebookclub #ediblebooks

Want to know more about your hosts and learn more about how the book club operates?  Read out our participation guidelines on our website http://ediblebookclub.com/.

We’re glad you’re here!  Start reading, join the discussion, and welcome to the party

Christina & Natalie

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