Summer Recipe Contest: Summer Salad

Win an opportunity to share your favorite summer recipes with Stir It Up! readers.

Crisp veggies ready to be transformed into a salad.

Calling all home cooks! I know you are out there.

It's summertime and that means for most of us we have easy access to fresh, beautiful produce. Over the next few weeks we will be asking you to share your favorite recipes. Weekly winners will be featured right here on Stir It Up! Woot!

We are kicking off our first recipe contest with Summer Salads. There are no restrictions as to what kind of salad you share, just make sure it tastes delicious. Hint: No need to drown your fresh veggies in lots of dressing. Let the carrots, beets, peppers, or whatever else sing for themselves.

If the recipe is not one you created, please include the source.

Be sure to include a few sentences about your salad recipe and why you love it. If it provokes a family memory, please feel share that, too.

May the best salad win!

Do you have a favorite summer salad? Enter the Stir It Up! "Summer Salad Recipe Contest" and win the chance to share it with our readers! Click here for more information on how to submit your recipe.

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