Pi Day: 14 recipes for pie

Pi Day: Why get stuck counting pi when you can dream about infinite pie?

In Praise of Leftovers
Celebrate Pi Day with a slice of key lime pie.

Did someone say pie? No, of course they didn't. They said "pi" because March 14 is Pi Day (3/14, get it?)

But there is another beginning to pi besides 3.14 and that is with a fork and a dollop of whipped cream.

I know all of you out there are thinking pie and craving a slice of pie so Stir It Up! is here to help you. Our team of bloggers love pie. They blog about pie all the time. To help get your mind off of pi and onto pie, we've rounded up our pie recipes into one place for easy viewing and daydreaming. Better go preheat your oven and roll out some fresh dough, though, because you'll need some good dessert once you finish counting 3.14159...

Homemade pie crust

Perfect apple crumble pie

Old fashioned apple pie

Apple vanilla slab pie

Sweet potato pie

Southern pecan pie

Pumpkin coconut pie

Key lime pie

Peanut butter whoopie pie (they count!)

Ginger pear pandowdy (a pie you bake in a skillet)

Chocolate eggnog pudding pie

And just because pie doesn't always have to be sweet:

Butternut squash mushroom turnovers

Homemade chicken pot pie

Vietnamese curried chicken pot pie

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