Sweet recipe ideas for Valentine's Day

Keep it simple and sweet with Cornish game hens and a chocolate dessert.

Make your Valentine's Day extra special with a homemade chocolate cake. This Candybox Cake resembles an elegant heart-shaped box of Valentine chocolates.

If you will preparing a meal for someone special or getting together with a group of close friends, Valentine's Day is really just a celebration of sweetness. Here are a few recipe ideas for your gathering, whether it is a table set for two or eight:

A pair of birds you'll love: Cornish hens roasted on a bed of leeks, olives, and Meyer lemons are an impressive, elegant dinner sure to win hearts on Valentine's Day.

Fondue fun: For a larger crowd, offer bubbling pots of cheese (served with bread or vegetables) or oil fondue (served with meat).

Chocolate fondue: Chocolate fondue is so easy to make it is almost ridiculous. A simple dessert also means a more relaxed host or hostess.

Tunnel of Fudge Cake: Before molten lava cake or chocolate fondants or fallen chocolate cake there was Tunnel of Fudge Cake. Besides, who can resist a cute name like that?

Peanut butter whoopie pies: Making whoopie pies ... OK, yeah, we said it. What's a fun holiday without a ban pun?

Stovetop popcorn: When the dishes are cleared, and bellies are full, settle in to watch a favorite romantic comedy with a bowl of delicious popcorn. The flavors promise that you'll never return to microwave popcorn again.

What you are planning for your sweetheart dinner? Share your ideas in the comments below!

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